This week’s kindness tip

Constantly cultivating a “Growth Mindset” is so important as it helps us to fail fast and move on wisely from challenges. Whilst having a growth mindset has become a necessity especially in today’s ever changing world – equally important is also building a “make a difference” mindset.

So what is a “make a difference” mindset? Essentially it is about making a positive impact in another person’s life

“Showing empathy – helping to move someone’s life forward e.g is scientifically proven to be good for the giver and the receiver – health wise”

So a note of encouragement for 2021 is to cultivate a “make a difference” mindset.

Examples of exercising a “make a difference” mindset could be as simple as:

  • Taking turns to help make dinner for ones busy parents
  • Doing the dishes every evening without being asked
  • Mentoring a child once month.
  • Smiling

Use wisdom. Make a difference – it pays off.

One life, live it kinder

Char xx

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