How to be thoughtful – 5 Ways

Some people are born givers. They seem to always want to pay the restaurant bill. They will always call on one’s birthday or remember a special anniversary.

They have a delightful ability to connect with others.  Their gifts are also intentional and thoughtful.  Some gifts – money is spent, other gifts involve a text message or phone call…

Some of us might be that person or some of us might have a friend who is always kind and thoughtful.

Either way – it’s a lovely way to do life.

Here are 5 ways of being thoughtful now:

  1. Send someone a thoughtful text or give them a call
  2. Buy a loved one some flowers, candles or chocolate
  3. Hold the door for someone.
  4. Invite a friend over for tea and snacks
  5. Pay for a stranger’s coffee or tea.

Here is to living an intentionally budgeted and thoughtful life



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