The habit of saying hello

The security guards you pass by everyday at work. The person who serves you at your local grocery store or coffee shop.  Everyday people we meet who are there to help us and serve us through various transactions .

Ever had a conversation with them for over 5 minutes e.g ask them how they are and how their family is doing after a few conversations. What are their plans for the weekend etc.  I tell you, it’s one of the best ways to show kindness and in turn relieve anxiety or stress.

You’re focusing on someone else and allowing yourself to let go of your own burdens. For surely, with their working ours and relatively lower salary – we have much to be grateful for.  The jobs they perform are amazing servant heartfelt roles.

So why not try to build a new habit of daily saying a proper hello with acknowledgement of the person who is serving you…

Start with a hello. Then move on to heartfelt smiles. Once you’re more comfortable. This might take days, months or even a year, dare to have a conversation with them – yes a stranger. You’ll feel so much better for it and might end up having a very good conversation. Start before you’re ready.  Go for it 🙂




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