The habit of chasing after that belly laugh

With life’s hustle and bustle. Long hours disappearing like sand in an hourglass. How often do we allow ourselves to smile or let out a belly laugh?

Come to think of it. I smile a lot and yes I do laugh, but not sure how much belly laughter I cause or encounter frequently.

Belly laughter or authentic laughter is something we desperately need in our lives. We need it because:

  • It’s distressing
  • It’s liberating
  • It’s pure joy
  • It’s complete abandonment
  • It’s love
  • It shows that we can exhibit a little bit of our authentic selves even in work situations and beyond.
  • It spreads joy

The question now is how do we bring out this laughter everyday or as regular as possible?

I for one will begin to share my jokes with you. It sure makes me laugh

When you think of belly – what do you think of? stomach! haha.

Create the laughter by e.g sharing random jokes. Watch funny videos. Call up a funny family member or friend. Do this regularly. Even imagine yourself truly laughing from the core of your belly. Visualise this enough times and it might happen.

Sometimes laughter can be intentionally cruel, when it involves gossiping or mocking others. Choose the opposite path. The path of silly and harmless pure laughter.

Laughter lights up the mind and soul- adding a bit of glow to our beautiful faces too. We bloom… Pursue laughter x



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