Kindness in Jars

Kindness is often displayed through people, even little people sometimes. It’s displayed via a thank you note. It’s displayed by the freshness of a healthy plant still shining in your home.

Notice kindness in the little things. If something beautifully impacts your heart write it down or even better put the note in a small jar. Keep noticing the small blessings. Write them down and place the small gems of kindness into a jar… by the end of the year you will notice:

  1. Recurring words of kindness about you
  2. Beautiful surprises
  3. Big and small things to be grateful for.
  4. Acts of kindness you’ve carried out for others

Even our failures can unseen gifts. Though tough kindness. Still kindness nonetheless.

Begin to place your kindness reminder notes in small jars. with the word Kindness written on it. I’m believing that these small jars will fill up very soon.


kindness jars.jpg



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