Joy Saturdays

For some people Saturdays are for relaxing, having worked hard the entire week. For others, it’s a day to meet with friends and family for a meal or go for strolls in the park. Many people do not plan their Saturdays, as they consider it to be a rest day. I believe Saturdays are indeed rest days, but also joy days. Joy is not only found in getting out of the house and being with people. It’s also a day to be intentional about your time and energy because we are always depositing something into our tomorrow, with our current actions. So here are 5 ways to get the most out of your Saturday and still relax:

  1. Wake up before 09:30. Be thankful for at least 3 things. Pray, meditate or do both. Go for a stroll, surf if you love to & live near a beach, move and stretch. Have a relaxed breakfast. Send a message to a friend to see how he/she is doing. All this before 09:30am.
  2. Connect with friends and Family for a meal or coffee after lunch – alternatively, just opt for some fresh air by visiting a museum or a park.
  3. Have a lazy Saturday reading or watching a movie.
  4. Cook an amazing homemade dish or order take away.
  5. Relax

Everyday moment matters.

Joy Weekends.jpg


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