Kindness People: Dorothy Shaver

The Human Kind series is fortunate to interview Dorothy Shaver – a kind trail blazer in the health and nutrition space.

What has been one of your most unforgettable kindness memories?

” I will share a recent act of kindness and love that filled me with joy and gratitude.

A close friend surprised me with the delivery of the most bountiful bouquet of flowers on a Saturday morning after I spoke with her about some challenges I have been facing!”

It came with a hand written note that expressed her gratitude for our friendship. The flowers filled my little apartment with colour, life and love reminding me that life is full of kindness and only sprinkled with challenges”

In your view, is kindness linked to a growth mindset? 

“It could be linked as growth mindset is associated with compassion, resilience and forgiveness. Kindness shows up in so many different ways and comes from such a wide variety of intentions, making it not necessary to be linked in my view. Motivation to be kind to self and others has various origins and having a growth mindset could be one of them”

Is it possible to apply kindness in our professional lives? 

“Absolutely. Kindness is key to teams achieving goals and ambitions on a consistent, on going basis. It’s a tool and possibly even a secret weapon in some circumstances. Being kind helps people feel safe which enables a more productive environment

Being kind to ourselves is crucial in the workplace, especially when the situation is challenging or stressful, as it makes us more resilient and reduces fear of failure, which leads to increased creativity. It would be great if acts of kindness and embracing kindness were rewarded at the workplace”

As Kindness is very linked to better health, what does better eating mean to you and what is your favourite healthy dish?

“Oh I love this question! I think you put it in here especially for me. Being kind to others and ourselves helps our brains and bodies thrive, good food does the same while feeding our desire to care for ourselves and helping us feel fulfilled

“To me eating better means eating foods that make us feel good in every way – from the beginning to the end of the experience, incorporating all elements and stimulants encountered. It means integrating kindness, care and love from how it is grown, treated, handled, prepared to how it helps our bodies and minds by working its magical nutrients to how the experience makes us feel emotionally and physically

When the foods work together to create flavours, textures, and benefits to form combinations that nourish our bodies and the precious planet – that’s good food.My favourite dishes are those unexpected, weekday, rushed, mash ups that just hit the spot in every way – while cleaning up leftovers

“I love crunchy barley mixed with bok choi and roasted tofu topped with nuts and seeds. I love quinoa with basil, sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts and a little fresh mozzarella. I love twisted traditional spaghetti and meatballs made with whole wheat spaghetti and mushroom meatballs loaded with mixed tomatoes soaked in olive oil and tons of basil

I could go on and on but, for now, those are some of my beloved food”

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