Kindness People: Kehinde Adeyinka

The Kindness Change series is glad to interview Kehinde Adeyinka, an aspiring entrepreneur. who loves working with people. Aside from her budding business, Kehinde works as a paralegal by day.

A few questions for Kehinde…

What has been one of your most unforgettable kindness memories? 

“I met this beautiful old lady when I was sixteen who looked after and cared for me like her own. She lived in a flat below me and would make me food, always checking in and introduced me to her daughter who became like big sisters.

At the time, I was an awkward college student navigating a new country and she reminded me of home. For my seventeen birthday she made a special cake and got my sister and I matching frame

Her kindness and devotion to looking after us is something that I can never forget and I hope that I can pay it forward someday

Is it possible to apply kindness in your work life vs your private life? 

“Kindness is act of service to self and humanity. So yes it is possible to be kind in your work life as well as your private life.

“If you see your colleague from the perspective of a much needed human interaction, it is easy to be kind without having to think of it

Such as the way you communicate, show up at work and navigate  the relationships you are building”

What is your favourite healthy dish and wellness tip?

I am currently a pescatarian and transitioning from eating meat  to a plant based diet and all my favourite meal that I grew up on are being replaced so I am still re-learning how to cook healthy meals.

My favourite thing to eat now is salmon, cooked, fried or mixed in vegetable stir fries

Wellness for me  is an holistic approach to my health and sense of well-being. I love journaling as a way to capture my thoughts and feelings, I find that it gives me clarity and help me to sieve through my emotions on a day to day basis.

I also encourage going for solo walks  or with a friend to refresh your mind and keep your body active. It is amazing what a simple act of solitude  alone or walking side by side with someone whilst reflecting can do for your state of mind and body

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