Community: say hello first, share

Sometimes “community” is being stuck at a doctor’s surgery with 3 other women waiting to be seen for over 3 hours (that’s another story for another day). Nevertheless, in frustrating circumstances e.g when waiting time is long in a public space provides a beautiful opportunity to extend kindness – by saying hello and being friendly as everyone is in the same boat of boredom.

An unexpected kind gesture happened.. one of the women gave up waiting and started to make her way out of the doctors surgery. It was now 5 minutes since she left the surgery. Finally, an extra doctor arrived and was able to see her. As I knew she really needed to see a doctor – I asked medical staff to run after her/bring her back for the appointment… they did and she managed to have that long awaited doctors appointment.

This happened because we built a human connection. I knew why she was at the doctors briefly and understood the importance of her seeing a doctor.

Action: be the first person to say hello. Some people might reject the greeting and some might actually say hello back and be brave to have a conversation.

Community starts with a hello, a smile and some openness. Try it out.

One life, live it kinder.

Charlotte xx

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