Money #1 Gratitude and Self Esteem

“Finding contentment in what you have is a key part of reaching your financial goals. That new car or big-screen TV will never make you as happy as you think. You have to break the habit of choosing short-term pleasure over long-term peace.

When you’re truly grateful, you can’t help but find happiness in the blessings all around you”  Rachel Cruze

To add to the above statement, it’s okay to want more financial provision – but not at the expense of our health and relationships.

Action: spend some time to uncover the real reasons you would like to earn or have more money. Is it mainly to buy material stuff or is it to build a better life for yourself and others into the future? Self esteem also plays a big part in how we chase and receive money into our lives. The healthier self esteem we develop, the better financial returns also begin to show up…

One life, live it kinder and intentionally.

Charlotte xx


  1. Great blog post! It’s so true that finding contentment in what we have is essential for reaching financial goals. Material possessions may provide temporary happiness, but true joy comes from gratitude .

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