Random Acts of Kindness during Working Hours

Sharon W, a very busy Personal Assistant shares some of her Kindness insights:

“Today has been productive so far. It hit 1.30pm, coming to the end of lunch, and I was feeling rather sluggish and lethargic. I stopped working to chat with a colleague, who suggested a walk as the weather was so nice. Initially, I thought to myself, I never go for walks during the working day, lovely thought but I can’t see that happening. Getting myself a cup of water, I decided to start walking at least around the building, maybe to the shop on the ground floor and then before I knew it, I was walking out of the building and out for a nice walk my colleague had proposed. I managed to find these beautiful gardens that a former colleague once showed me a couple of years ago. I laid down in the middle of the gardens and did a breathing meditation exercise: breathing in for 5 seconds, out for 6 seconds, mouth slightly open. Repeated 20 times. My hands resting on the cool blades of grass with the Sun shining down, warming my face with an occasional breeze cooling me. It was very invigorating. Thoughts came into my busy head but I allowed them to pass through. What a random act of self-kindness. I plan to do this more often. It’s great to check in with yourself every now and then. We’re often in autopilot mode and it’s hard to switch off, particularly during the day but what a fantastically mindful and invigorating way to ground yourself and refresh! Weather permitting, I highly recommend this.”

The beauty of kindness towards ourselves is also enlarged when we share kindness with others through sharing kindness tips with each other.

One life live it kinder & in connection with “healthy mindset” people

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