Kindness People: Nalishebo Elliott

I first met Nalishebo at a powerful purpose building facilitator workshop she was leading back in 2013. Nalishebo is one of those people who always exudes humble confidence and compassion. A remarkable person in many ways.

Nalishebo is now a mum of 2 adorable boys, a registered Nurse and currently in a role as Head of Patient Experience. She is also a woman on a worthy mission co- running a social business called Kashebo  with her twin sister.

See below some of Nalishebo insights on kindness and choosing better…

Describe yourself: “I am a conscientious person that loves her family very much.  I adore my husband and children but also very involved with my extended family affairs who live across the globe: in Africa, Australia and the UK.  I have been in the health care industry mainly in acute hospitals for 21 years.  First as a registered Nurse and currently in a role as Head of Patient Experience.  My personal attributes in these roles relate to my caring and compassionate disposition to vulnerable individuals

I have an identical twin sister and we are both passionate about encouraging young people and women to be all that they can be.  I also have a strong desire to see women break out of cycles that inhibit their potential hence completing a Doctorate in ‘The Health and Wellbeing of Female Street Sex Workers’  and being a volunteer in a Women’s shelter and running an empowerment program for teenage girls”

In your view -what is kindness essentially about ?“My perspective on kindness is about seeing beyond a current need and looking for an opportunity to be considerate. It requires creativity to find a way to bless another individual in a way that puts the other person first”

How is kindness linked to what we eat and how we choose to think about our self and others in your view? The actions we choose to take or not to take are our responsibility. Eating well for our bodies is linked to being kind to what is most nourishing for our health. If we have good and kind thoughts about our self and others, we have more to give – and therefore the rewards we reap produce internal happiness. It is therefore rewarding to think well of others, because of the positive fruits we reap. It feels better to give than to receive”


What is the kindest thing you have personally experienced recently? “My 4 year old son tells me every morning that I am pretty, beautiful and gorgeous.  He is not told to say this but he does from the bottom of his heart.

What challenge have you faced recently where you chose kindness to address the issue?“During these unprecedented times of coping with Covid-19, my tenant wrote to me and mentioned he had lost his job in the restaurant where he was employed and could not afford to cover the rental payments.  I made a decision to allow him to stay rent free as a goodwill gesture until he was able to cover his rent.  
He was very grateful and two months later, he confirmed that he can continue to stay in my flat and start to pay the rent again. He wrote to me saying ‘thank you so much for the support that you gave us these months’.  This made my husband and I feel happy that we were in a position to be a blessing to someone during these current times”
Shebo and sister
Nalishebo and her twin sister Nandi


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