This week’s kindness tip

2 learnings this week –

This week marked the 12th anniversary of the Mumbai attacks. A number of people have written about the traumatic incident this week via various social channels. 2 remarks left my thinking as well as acting.

  • A similar terrorist attack is unlikely to happen everywhere – nonetheless, always make sure your mobile is charged so family know about your whereabouts. Carrying a charged power bank is a plus not a burden. Almost 2 years ago, I read about an account of a colleague who experienced the attacks first hand . Since hearing his account of the experience – I took action and purchased a power bank and always carry it with me on short and long trips.
  • Continue to build strong ties with dear family and/or friends – the benefits in the long run is enormous mentally and emotionally. Whilst I type this – my niece and I are about to play a game of cards.

The second big learning of the week following a conversation with a colleague, Camila regarding emails – “don’t ignore peoples emails or invites without thought”

  • If the emails are flooding the inbox- create an ACTION folder and move those emails into the folder. So when you have a few minutes to spare between – reply to up to 5 emails/invites as a starting point with wise thoughtfulness. Showing kindness in a seemly insignificant way could make someone’s day. You might be the only one who took time to kindly decline or respond to their email or invite…

Would love to hear your reflections – so do please share your comments.

One life – live it kinder

Charlotte x

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