Chasing Optimism: How to speak life intentionally

I practice gratitude every day.  Counting 3-5 blessings. Morning and Evening.

Though it got me thinking. We say thank you in prayer or in our minds for what we have just received, what we already have, our family and friends and maybe even who we managed to help. But rarely do we practice the exercise of saying how many times we have spoken life at the end of our day. We may be grateful, but that that does not mean we say optimistic, uplifting, encouraging – good things throughout the day. It is possible to be the most awful person – rude and negative, but still be grateful at the end of the day.

We may not even know it, but we could be speaking negatively at many intervals – especially if there is a hint of negativity in our environment, subtly and gently fuelling/ contributing the negativity within us.

Our health is one of our most precious resources – let us set our mind on chasing the art of speaking life. Here are some tips on how to do this:

  1. Trigger: it’s a new day, it the morning.
  2. Say to yourself: I consciously decide to do 3 things today 1)  I will encourage someone 2) I will avoid commenting negatively on the weather or food selection at work or a less pleasant email.
  3. I recall the 3 things before going to sleep I did infuse life/mental & emotional health today.

Speaking life.jpg





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