This week’s kindness tip

Creating “moments of joy”

There is indeed a lot of tragic things happening in the world. However, there is also so much to be thankful for and ample opportunity to create ” moments of joy” examples of creating “moments of joy” could be:

Create a joyful play list and play it during various intervals of the day. Doing this might have a wonderful impact on your emotions throughout the day.

Create a different type of relaxing morning e.g a colleague shared with the team that she bakes fresh bread in the morning. Try some baking…

Create time with uplifting content: I am currently in Denmark and I have created a ” moment of joy ” by spending time in a beautiful Scandinavian library from time to time, preferably on Saturday mornings by reading beautiful content.

Create a beautiful atmosphere in your home: e.g my mum just bought some lovely and inexpensive flowers for her living room table this weekend.

Choose to create these “moments of joy”. It does not have to cost anything – sometimes it’s just about putting on ones shoes and choosing to go for a walk – thus enjoying the fresh air.

One life – live it kinder.

All the best

Char xx

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