This week’s kindness tip

The word “process” may scare some as “process” sometimes has a negative connotation. Too many forms to fill, too much admin…too much detail required for this rapport again. How about flipping “process” by thinking of powerful routines made up of daily habits. Daily habits moving you forward to get you from starting point to big milestone.

I heard someone say – the more we put off important stuff, we put off real progress in our lives. So on that note – lets be encouraged to do the important stuff first. E.g finishing ones course work instead of watching a movie. Cooking a healthy meal (knowing one has all of the ingredients needed for the dish) instead of eating another bag of crisps.

Procrastination is good, but not at the expense of failing to finish something life transformative.

Also – I came across this Haitian proverb ( see below) overall, let us embrace the wonderful, challenging and important climb now .

Beyond mountains there are mountains”. … And the one thing I know for sure is that behind every one of those mountains there will be more mountains. With that being said: Embrace the journey, as the journey is truly what this is all about”

One life – live it kinder

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