Goals are good, but what happens when e.g you reach that weight, buy that home or win that sports game? sustaining momentum and noticing results in priority areas takes practice and routine.

Interestingly, too detailed systems that required admin and maintaince e.g maintaining a very long systems document detailing every bit of progress everyday is demotivating. Instead focus on creating a simple routines checklist. Visually, it will help one stay on course. An example of a very simple systems checklist:

Direction” become a better runner. You systems checklist could look like:

  • Run Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for minimum 10 minutes. Eat light before going for a run. Fill up water bottle. Prepare and have a healthy snack ready to eat post the run.

Over time one will become aware of the progress and alter/adapt ones personal system accordingly.

Another “Direction” Eat a healthier lunch in the week days. The system could look like:

Eat the same lunch Monday to Friday e.g avocado and veg on toast. Buy the lunch items on a Saturday. Prep the veg on Sunday.

Overall, live a life of progress by putting effective and efficient systems in place with rest time in between. Creating the right systems might not happen over night, but practice improving them over time and progress will show up. In conclusion – make sure to take action. Systems without consistent action do not work.

One life live it kinder

Charlotte xx

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