This week’s kindness tip

DrCaroline Leaf  who is a communication pathologist and cognitive neuroscientist recently spoke about how Kindness improves our brain health. Here is the link to her full post on Kindness.

Three points in particular to draw out from her podcast –

  1. Kindness is not an “it” – “Kindness is how we approach people and life“. One can deliver a firm message without being rude, nasty or abrasive. Adding to this point, communication is highly non verbal, so if we deliver a message in a negative tone and with a wrong choice of words even over zoom – especially if the receiver is a new acquaintance – the person on the other end will not get the point or lesson, but more the energy of the nastiness of how the message was delivered. So if a message cannot be delivered in a kind manner – “wait to deliver the message kindly and firmly
  2. Kindness is also a great practice and way of life to improve intelligence and brain health. Overall, a practice of “healthy habits, boundaries and routines” Practicing kindness will take discipline as it might involve waking up earlier than expected.
  3. Thirdly, dr Leaf talks about “a Kindness level“. She does not go into detail – hint – buy her book to get the full details 😉 overall, what I believe she is saying is – we should become aware of our level of kindness within ourselves and others as soon as we wake up and throughout the day. Take action by giving certain situations a kindness level score. If e.g ones kindness level is low towards a particular person. Take time out to review the emotion to figure out how to “bump up his/her kindness level” in an authentic way whilst still maintaining boundaries.

Overall choose to live a kind life towards yourself first and others as the rewards outweigh the short gains.

One life – take action, live it kinder and more authentically.

Char xx

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