From a cleaner to bigger opportunities

I recently heard about a gentleman called Richard Montanez who progressed significantly – from being a cleaner in a company to then moving up to a top role within the same company. In an interview – he said that his boss wanted him to show more “initiative” as a cleaner. He cleaned excellently, however, he would only clean his set area over again once he was done. He failed to think outside of the box at that moment – by perhaps suggesting to clean a different area in the ample time he had left…

Richard did not know what initiative meant so he asked a family member what the term “initiative” meant. Needless to say he started being the most “initiative” person he could be by coming up with new ideas which led to his incredible career progression and learning curve.

He made a choice to be better…and over time his initiative paid off.

What initiative will you take to be kinder to yourself, your dreams and others today?

One life live it kinder

Photo by Raphael Brasileiro from Pexels

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