Kindness People: Vuyo

Profession:  Marketer, Innovator, Storyteller (or global brand manager, if we must be technical )

Tell my about 1 good habit in your life?  I practice a daily morning meditation. I sit in silent meditation for 20 min at the start of each day. I started on 17 Jul 2016 and have not missed a single day . This is because after doing it daily for 40 consecutive days I started to experience a profound change within myself. I  noticed I was kinder and more open to people around me. I now often experience joy for no reason. I have more energy and a zest for life coming from reduced tension in my body. I’ve also gained mental clarity and calmness under pressure.

 Share a kindness or wellness advise? Find time to look inward through a practice like meditation or anything that connects you with your inner world. Looking inward is an empowering thing to do because it helps you realise how responsible you are for the reactions you have to things. It shows you that true happiness is an inside job. I am convinced that doing a meditative practice is the best way to become a kinder and more loving human being in the world.

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