Female: Kindness and Strength

Even though showing kindness as a leader is not frowned upon in the workplace these days – many women who tend to show the kinder side are still seen as less assertive or effective. On the other hand women who are too assertive are seen as too bossy… I would say women who don’t balance their kind and gentle side with courage and boundaries… are less effective. Authentic kindness and gentleness is what makes us extraordinary coupled with a strong sense of self, boundaries and daringness.

Amazing female leaders, which I have come across over the years are authentically kind and strong at the same time…balancing kindness and strength in their stride – but not without opposition from others for being this way – leading this way.

Action: We lead and influence all the time at home, at work – everywhere… may you notice how you lead with love, kindness and with boundaries…

One life live it kinder.

Charlotte xx

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