The habit of packing your bag the night before for work

Ever find yourself on route to work and you’re rumbling through your bag to find your keys and phone and you can’t find anything with all the extra paper, the lunch tin and laptop taking up space. Hmm…

This bad habit was annoying me on a daily basis so I decided to use the various compartments in my bag or ruck sack with intention.

I created a new habit:

Cue: it’s the evening after dinner and my back is looking at me or my bag is on my mind. It has my lunch tin etc taking up space. Pens floating in all compartments etc.

Routine: I count 5,4,3,2.1 – make sure my pen/s are in my appealing black pencil case. My laptop headphones and IPhone headphones also cushioned in the case too. My book for the train and calendar all in one compartment. Remove my lunch tin. Throw away floating receipts. Make sure my keys, purse, and work badge is in another compartment. Make up in another compartment including my laptop. I’m all good to go for tomorrow:)

Reward: I listen to an upbeat song or inspiring podcast, while I sort out my bag ready for action the following day.

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