The habit of being a Creator not a Critic

I was listening to a speaker talk about being a creator not a critic. It sparked something.

A creator is someone who blogs like some of us. Cooks like some of us. Makes things with¬† their hands or encourages and inspires people with their words and actions.¬† There are many ways to be a creator. Curbing anxiety – increasing their life’s opportunities in a healthy and sustainable way – a true creator gets busy producing, learning, working on themselves and loving others.

A critic on the other hand is someone who is negative, pessimistic, racist, lazy and always finds something or someone to find fault with or blame.

Lets be more of creators and if correction is needed, lets do it in a constructive and kind way.

Habit loop example:

Cue: A friend who would like to inspire others posts too many random quotes on their FB, their blog or any other social media platform.

Routine: In stead of complaining to another friend or rolling ones eyes as to why so many randoms of thousands of quote postings . How about reaching out to them and asking them how is it going with their quote posting? If it’s going well. Then great. If it’s going not so well as nobody has mentioned how encouraging the posts are – give some subtle tips on what quotes you think some people might like to see more of.

Reward: You have peace of mind. The overall reward is that you’ve showed some interest and time in a friend. Also – Kudos to the friend who is creating with a heart led purpose regularly and who is willing to take constructive and kind advice to better their output. If no advice is taken – then kindly subtly un-follow the friend, without unfriending them.

Live well – step by step x


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