Chasing Optimism – The power of thinking slow

There are moments/decisions when we have to think quick on our feet. Think fast.

  1. Pay the kids school fees or not pay the fees – today’s the last day
  2. Pay attention to the flight board when the gates will be announced or not
  3. Eat junk food 2 days in a row or opt for a healthy meal full of colorful vegetables
  4. Water the plants or just not let them wither away
  5.  Distance oneself from toxic people or continue consuming heaviness
  6. Be kind to people serving us in restaurants or be rude because one’s day is going bad.
  7. Pay attention when driving or doze off a bit because one is driving on a big dirt road in the countryside.

Then there are moments when thinking too fast will steal our peace, joy, accomplishments or even our health.

Thinking slow to some has been regarded as being slow in the brain or slow in one’s intellect. Through personal experience harnessing the power of thinking slow triggers the intuition, listening and ability to observe better.

In addition, thinking slow connected with pausing, breathing and even praying can lead to breakthroughs.

It’s not about taking a lifetime to make a decision, it’s about making a decision – especially life-changing ones in the right state of mind. Emotionally, Mentally, Physically and Spiritually… slowly.

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