Chasing Optimism – Knowing your Worth!

To know one’s worth is to :

  • walk with ones head up high full of humble confidence
  • being kind to the unkind
  • Being kind to the kind
  • dressing up and standing out
  • dressing down and feeling comfortable and just as beautiful
  • having a grateful heart
  • saying goodbye to unhealthy food, people and circumstances
  • walking a few more miles because your health deserves your attention
  • smiling when others might have forgotten their smiles at home
  • daring to speak up when you feel convicted in your spirit.
  • Letting go of offense : look at the pineapples – see how majestically they grow
  • Forgiving
  • Loving
  • Resting more
  • Showing integrity
  • Being uniquely YOU
  • Daring to be courageous even when your ideas might fly, delay or go on holiday…


Knowing your worth.jpg

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