The habit of joyful cooking

Ever rush home from a long day at work and think – I need to cook something up quickly.  Ones cooking then turns into a sprint to the finish line – super rushed. The joy and magic of cooking leaves.

To help take the mundane out of cooking. Find one day in the week where you cook-up delicious food to last you the next two days. Plan your cooking strategy.  E.g say – you’d like to cook up a vegetable stirfry to have with roasted sweet potato.  The day before buy 3 vegetables: Mushroom, a green leafy vegetable, and tomatoes. Remember to also buy your sweet potato too. And if you are anything like me – remember to buy some avocado as well. Also make sure you’re stocked up on some essential spices like pepper, salt, paprika, turmeric, cumin….

Now your day of mid-week cooking has arrived. However – you feel tired to cook – and might opt for avocado on rye bread ( me) – but no – something triggers. Putting aside 45 mins of planned cooking will nourish your health and give your nutritious leftovers for the next day! Your body will thank you.

So some insights and triggers to help you make once a week – mid-week cooking enjoyable.

  • Think about the end in mind – when you begin to cook. The result once you’ve gone through the process. It should make you smile.
  • Plan out your dish – the more colours in your dish – the more nutrients
  • Buy your ingredients a few days before
  • Chop up all of your veg in advance of cooking ( it looks great and cuts down the rush)
  • Make sure you’re constantly working in a clean space. So remember to wipe the cooking surfaces as you progress and wash some of the dishes along the way, so you don’t have a huge pile of dishes waiting for you. It might slow down the cooking process a bit – you’ll feel happier for it afterward.
  • Have some nice music or podcast playing in the background whilst cooking.
  • Smile when you’re cooking. Be thankful that you have the finances to buy good produce.
  • Whilst the food is cooking – call a loved one to say hello.  Connecting is essential.
  • Plate your food beautifully. I learned this from my Indian heritage and growing up in Denmark.

Time to cook good food – it’s a privilege 🙂




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