5 ways to cultivate Joy and Kindness on Mondays

It is Monday. Some love it and many dread it.

Monday is noted as being “one of the most painful days of the week” It’s even being termed  “not a day worth noting”

What if we began to see Mondays with more optimism.  Here are 5 ways to do so:

  1. Start your Monday morning right by building in a great morning routine. One of the most important activities in the routine is to give thanks for 3 things in your life.  Pray/meditate in letting go of yesterday and looking forward to what today may bring.
  2. Grooming: Basics like making sure your suit or casual wear is clean. You look presentable. This might mean getting your clothes ready the night before.
  3. Take out 10 minutes to do something away from your desk like grab a coffee or chat with a colleague.
  4. Do one of your most difficult tasks first in the morning, leaving you feeling more settled than yesterday.
  5. Smile today – it can be relaxing to the body.

Every action produces a reaction. Like your Mondays and your Mondays will like you.



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