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Australia is sometimes depicted as a dream place to live. It has the sun, surf, opportunity and beauty all around. It is still an amazing place – but not absent from pain…Recently, I saw an episode of rising male deaths in the country and heard about this situation escalating some years ago… many of these men had good friends and family – yet they were battling many things internally. Why are so many men suffering and why living in a beautiful paradise nation does not solve all ones problems?

A happily married woman has a bad argument with her husband and decides to end her life within hours, leaving 2 kids behind…

A woman gets married to a real prince. She has access to degrees of love and wealth. Circumstances are shifting.

What is in our control:

Celebrate the small wins. Practice gratitude and above all else make the time everyday to become healthy – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically

Here are some links to continue to move forward… for yourself and others:

  • Transform your health – visit Joe Wicks website for advice and exercise videos
  • Understanding men’s health in Australia via The Better Health Channel
  • Connect with family, friends or with others through a local church, sports club or dare to create your own meet-up group.
  • Support young people e.g through organisations such as Compassion. It could also be a non – faith based organisation in your area.

One life -live it kinder

Char xx

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