Kindness People: Naomi White

The “Human Kind” Series is glad to interview Naomi White from Naomi White Communications . Naomi also featured in a great podcast talking about “the power of building authentic relationships” In this interview – I ask Naomi a few questions related to kindness.

Three things Naomi is about?

  1. Authenticity 
  2. Openness/Transparency 
  3. Family

In an interview you shared that you were not seen as the brightest person in school, yet you have gone on to create a successful business – has kindness played a role in your success? 

“Yes to a certain extent, being my own boss has given me the opportunity and flexibility to create a positive vibe between myself and my clients and kindness plays a huge part in that. 
Kindness is also a trait that gets you a long way in PR, a lot of what I do is relationship building and some of my now closest friends are people I’ve met through work”

“I don’t think you have to be the brightest person at school to be a successful business owner, it’s all about playing to your strengths and picking a career you love and enjoy over one you feel you ‘should’ do”

What are your views on boundaries and kindness?

Boundaries – “As a business owner boundaries are super important without boundaries I run the risk of not being taken seriously (by clients and staff). When it comes to expectation, I always under promise and over deliver –  if you set an unrealistic standard that is hard to live up to you’ll always feel like you’re letting people down. Lastly when it comes to working hours I try to keep my working day as 9-6pm and have done this ever since I set up my agency back in 2014”
On kindness – “always treat others how you would like to be treated and never give someone a job you wouldn’t do yourself!”

What brings you joy?

“Spending time with family, every other Friday I look after my niece and nephew and it’s the highlight of my week. I also enjoy exercising daily as I know it has a huge impact on my mental health and productivity for the day. Lastly, my dog Dudley (the sausage dog), he never leaves my side!”

Could you share a productivity tip with us?

“Set your alarm every morning for the same time, I like to get up at 6am to give myself a couple of hours to do a workout or walk the dog before the day starts. There’s nothing worse than feeling rushed in the morning, it sets the tone for your day”

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