Gratitude # 11 kind strangers

A friend was recently hit by a car whilst on holiday. Thankfully, she was not physically injured in the slightest. A stranger noticed the incident unfold and ran after the car. The car cowardly did not stop, but the stranger did. He could not speak English, but he tried his best to share details of the car and offer his kindness in the form of care even though he was probably on his way to work or school.

She was so grateful for his kindness and the kindness of her partner, which meant that her holiday remained sweet and joyful.

“Strangers can offer “light” in our moments of need – e.g a taxi driver can be the source of encouragement when we allow ourselves to be open towards experiencing good wherever we go”

So this Christmas – may I encourage you to be kind to yourself by believing in the good in yourself and others.

One life – live it grateful and kinder.

Charlotte xx


  1. Sorry for your friend but glad she was ok. My mommy had a friend that was hit while riding her bike in college. They ran off. She was hurt pretty badly. It’s so sad what people do, but she able to be there with and for her through her recovery. It’s sad how people do things and cause pain and don’t stop to try to help. That stranger did so much just from trying. It’s amazing the difference we can make with such small gestures.

    • Daisy, thanks for sharing. Sorry to hear about your mum’s friend’s accident. However, glad to hear that she is okay and to hear about the amazing kindness. Yes, when we just look up and notice each other. What a difference we can make.

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