Find Wellness 2: “Do and Be”

” To see and to be seen is the truest nature of love” Brene Brown

Consider saying hello to someone this week, someone you sometimes ignore at work or in the grocery store e.g a cashier or a neighbour. It can indeed be difficult to muster up the courage to be the first person to say hello.

Many people will not make the first move to say a kind hello for various reasons e.g for not wanting to start a conversation or avoiding to feel silly for saying hello. I have had those moments. However, if we stay “tunnelled vision” we miss out on something special that could take place during a brief encounter with the individual or individuals and that is: giving and receiving kindness and love. Of course, there will be occasions where saying hello feels like a “mistake’ – but it is never a mistake for noticing someone – especially, someone who is often usually ignored.

Action: So consider saying hello to someone this week and start the journey of becoming a person who says hello “first” in wisdom.

One life – live it kinder

Charlotte xx

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