Kindness People: Jessica C

Your name: Jessica C

Profession: Research Manager at a fund management company

What is the kindest thing you have experienced – one thing? It’s difficult to give just one! Someone taking the time to sit with me and speak words over my life when I am feeling sad or down is definitely up there. We need to uplift and be each others’ cheerleaders!

What is the kindest thing you’ve done for someone else – one thing? It may not be the kindest but I like to gift people randomly with things that remind me of something they have said to me in passing, just to let them know I am thinking of and appreciate them and our time spent together.

Do you have any “kindness” advice? Words have great power and an encouraging or kind word to someone on a bad day can make a huge mood-lifter both to the receiver and yourself! Let’s be generous with our kind words!


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