Kindness People: Fran

Name: Fran

Profession: Content Marketing

Kindest act received ? I’m pretty fortunate as I’ve been at the receiving end of a lot of kindness stories. I think my favourite acts of kindness are when someone does something which inconveniences them out of love.

One of those times was when I first arrived in Sydney. I was 2 weeks into my new country and had a grand total of one friend. I ended up scoring 2 tickets to a music event which I was pretty pleased about until I found out my one friend couldn’t actually attend. Being brand new, I racked my brain for someone to invite and thought I’d give it a shot and ask the girl I’d spoken to for 5 minutes at church a few days before. She must have sensed my desperation as she agreed and came with me! It was only later on that night I realised she was both suffering from a bad cold and random late night gigs probably weren’t her usual style. I’m still friends with her now, and her genuine love for people continues to wow me.

What is the kindest thing you’ve done for someone else? I have a heart for the lonely. I know how much it hurts when you’re left out and how easy it is to extend an invite or say a kind word. I love making the new person feel welcome, the awkward person feel confident and the left out feel part of the group. I once spent a few days filming and editing a video for my friend, featuring all our friends saying their favourite things about her to make her realise just how loved and special she is.

Kindness or wellness advise? Being kind is nearly always a secret service. Our love for others is often not displayed in a single grand act of kindness, but rather in the day to day moments, that are not seen, recognised or rewarded by others, but God sees them all.

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