4 Tips: Take a break to think kinder & smarter

If you live in a big city, you may also constantly sense the buzz mode of go, go, go and then run. London is always buzzing and it sure keeps us on our toes. As vibrant and amazing as London is – the pressure to constantly keep learning and staying ahead of the curve can be exhausting and actually, at times brain draining. It may sound counter-intuitive, but switching off from social media and technology for an extended period of time and instead, opt for: reading a live book, going for a walk in nature, exercising or one of my favorite activities – cooking a simple and spicy new dish, I find can boost one’s new innovative thoughts.


  1. If you work in an office – dare to switch your phone off for 20 minutes or leave your phone at the office to go for a stroll.
  2. Love food and quick cooking?  Look up a new, healthy and yummy 30 min recipe and make time in the week to cook it. I just saw a picture of asparagus frittata with mushrooms. I’m going to give this recipe a try!
  3. Book yourself a massage this week. Massages relax the mind and releases tension in the body. It might also boost creativity.
  4. Listen intently to conversations around you. People sometimes drop unintended trails for you to be authentically thoughtful ( generous, encouraging or considerate)

Life is beautiful and this very moment is all we are guaranteed. Let’s be kinder to ourselves and at the same time ignite kinder & smarter thoughts.

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