“Start with the chair full of clothing”

Some of us are born organizers or super good at time management. Then there are others who have to learn these skills.  I use to pile up clothing on a particular chair some years go – the clothing would not magically go away to my dismay. One day – Suddenly one day, I made up my mind to conquer this pile of clothing. Day by day I began to put away an item – in the morning and in the evening. Finally, I could see the green chair!

Sometimes the things which distract us are not just problems elsewhere, but “the clothing on the chair” – I truly believe a clean home is one big area which breeds peace in the household and in the mind.

Some tips in putting away clothing:

  • As soon as you come home – this is a queue for you no matter how tired you may be to hang your jacket and other items in the wardrobe, before relaxing…
  • Big items like chairs – if you don’t need a chair in your bedroom, especially if clothing is being piled on it – put it in another room.

A book which really inspired me to declutter and develop a tidy up lifestyle is “Spark Joy” by Mari Kondi.

A tidy and clean home breeds peace. Peace brings joy.

One life – live it kinder.

Picture Credit: Felix


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