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Hello, hello and happy Friday!

Welcome to another #FridayFit post.

Today we’ll be looking at how to stay fit during the festive season.

This is a popular topic this time of the year, as our agendas fill up with Christmas parties, office dos, Hanukkah celebrations, New Year’s eves and much more.

So here are 5 simple tips to help you stay fit over the holidays:

  1. MAKE A WISH LIST of To-Do’s. Attending more events doesn’t necessarily mean having to give up on exercise. Understandably, agendas are packed and you are pressed for time, thus it’s important to prioritise. Make a list of things that you *have* to do, then add the things you *wish* to do. This way, you can plan for your commitments better and make time for your favourite fitness activity, too. Besides, many gyms and training groups are likely to organise celebratory events as well, following their workout session. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the chance to get to know your Pilates mat(e)s better, would you? 😉
  2. GO THE EXTRA MILE to find that perfect Christmas present for your loved ones, literally. Instead of buying your presents online, shop in-store. This way, not only will you be more active, but you will also be inspired by alternative gift ideas. Instead of giving your dad the yearly pair of socks, surprise him with a DIY-Hot-Sauce-Kit! Surely your supervisor will appreciate the new statement mug ‘Keep Calm and Boss-Up‘ more than ‘The Book On Effective Management’.
  3. SHOP TILL YOU DROP – or at least until you find the perfect outfit for the Christmas or NYE party! An intense shopping session can make a great workout: brisk walking from one shop to the other (cardio), twisting from side to side to make your way through the crowd (core), reaching to the top shelf to search for your size (stretch), squatting low to quickly grab the last pair of silver shoes left (legs) and carrying all your shopping bags back home (arms).
  4. HAVE A TOAST with a glass of bubbles as the clock strikes midnight but also *have a toast* before going to the party… you know what I mean? This will prevent you from ordering unhealthy (and most likely overpriced) snacks later that night, or eagerly devouring a bag of crisps on a binge. Think traditional toasts with a Christmassy twist: smoked ham on toast with cranberry jam / avocado toast with pine nuts / cottage cheese and candied chestnut crumbles…
  5. And now that it’s time to party, ROCK AROUND THE CHRISTMAS TREE all night long! Dance the night away and cut a rug on the dancefloor: you’ll burn a lot of calories but, more importantly, you’ll have a lot of fun!

#FridayFitTip 2: lift some weights to help tone those arms! You will be raising your glass quite a few times over the next couple of weeks… better make sure you’re ready for it!

What is your secret to staying fit during the festive season?

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It will help make NY resolutions more interesting than the usual ‘I wanna get back in shape’.

Happy holidays!

Elena ( Fitness trainer & Marketing professional)

Elena fit and festive

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