Kindness People: Harriet Green

I first heard about Harriet by catching a talk she did in late 2019.

There was a humility, clarity and confident kindness about Harriet, which made me follow her encouraging posts.  Her social media posts would often be so encouraging that one felt ready to take on any challenge with grace and confidence.

The other day, I chose confidence over fear when I asked Harriet to interview for the Kindness Change. Kindly she said yes. Here are some of Harriet’s Kindness insights:

Describe yourself:

“I am a woman, a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend. I am a business person, having worked in four different continents. And have had the great privilege of working with many different cultures. I am a passionate advocate for inclusion and diversity. I am a cyclist and a vegan”

In your view -what is kindness essentially about ?  

“My mum taught me that kindness and politeness go hand in hand. Its about healing ourselves and healing others. I think kindness is more important than wisdom. It is the defining thing in relationships. Perhaps it is the very recognition of wisdom. I think friendship, consideration, generosity, warmth, care – all of these things, as you smile, give people time, give complements. Tip people well and check in on those you love is kindness”

What is the kindest thing you have personally experienced recently?

“Having the privilege to volunteer for the NHS (United Kingdom National Health Service) The kindness of critical workers of the health service, those helping to produce FOR US , those working in care homes – going about their daily jobs AT RISK, shows tremendous kindness”

What is the kindest thing you have done for someone else recently?

“I am trying to be the best version of myself I can be to people I have in mind like my sister and my friend. Extra Kindness to make our relationships better”

How is kindness linked to what we eat and how we choose to think about our self and others in your view?

“I have not eaten meat for many years. I am a vegan. This diet seems very good for me. Gives me more energy and clarity” I think treating people as you would like to be treated YOURSELF with GRACE, A smile, with some love with some fun is what it all means to me”

Harriet Green
Picture Credit: Yahoo

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