The habit of being vulnerable with kind friends… see what happens next

Courageous living is not only about being strong when your life is seemly perfect . Courageous living essentially also applies when you share your vulnerabilities with close and loving friends who can lift you up when the waters are rough. I know this amazing person called Fran ( full of light, fun, laughter, very kind and successful in her own right). Originally from the UK, but now living out her dreams with her beau Luke in Australia.Be inspired by the picture below. Fran was going through a tough patch which she shared with a good friend. Her thoughtful friend connected with Fran’s openness by sending Fran 5 envelopes – one for every day of the working week! Inside each one was a chocolate, teabag and uplifting bible verse.

Be inspired. Do something kind for a friend or family member. It sends waves of gratitude… #Kindness

Kind act recieved

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