The joy of discovering GOMO (gratitude of missed opportunities)

Inspired by a post written by Leila Janah about accepting and not chasing. We often get caught up in chasing opportunities, connections and moments, convincing ourselves that time is slipping between our fingers and we must not miss out. This annoying tendency has been called FOMO ( fear of missing out). We are constantly on our phones or laptops, all eyes on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or Whatsapp…

In my case, I often feel whisked away by Instagram which hosts an array of feeds by so many incredibly interesting people.  I can spend so much time following up on what my favorite people both famous and non-famous are doing or creating. I do this to somehow convince myself that I am staying up to date with the latest trends and experiences.

Come to think of it – I am clouding my mind with an overload of imagery and bite-size info, most of it forgettable within minutes as such I needed to change this bad habit.

How to deal?

Ways in which I am curbing my social media appetite is staying clear of social media the entire weekend.

It’s a choice, which I have been following through with for 1 month. Hard initially, but now it feels normal. So planning my weekends are key.

Our weekends are special. Working all week – our eyes need a rest from staring at bite-size info and images, which feed into our minds. Focus recharged.

Early evenings, including weekends, should be spent on practicing a hobby, connecting with loved ones. Cooking or going out samba dancing. Whatever moves you into the moment.

No more chasing. Let go and trust that joy, the opportunities and the right connections will follow us when we do not sprint or intensely search. Be in motion and trickles of change will begin to occur.




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