Kindness the healthy way

“Kindness, for me, is about both self-acceptance and self-love, as well as showing this to others. It involves an act. Being kind is a verb, so we must follow through by showing our kindness and delivering it in a manner that makes a valuable difference to others. This can be in kind words, doing something good, or being of help to someone in need. 
Kindness is linked to the food we eat because we need to look after our body. Our body is our temple and by giving it nutritious food, we are showing it love. Being conscious of where our food came from is a kind act to others. For instance, choosing local and small businesses, fair trade, and so forth is important. 
I experience a lot of kind things. I suppose someone getting to know my likes and going out of their way to do something that I love is kind. I received a box of chocolates lately and that was a very kind act”
Post written by Sarah Tottle (Psychologist. Nutritional Therapist. Journalist)  Visit her amazing wellness website here
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