Kindness People: Nitya Gracianna Rajan

The very down to earth and musically talented Nitya Rajan shares some of her kindness insights below. Be sure to also catch Nitya interviewing an array of people including well known names on the UK’s ITV regional news channel and previously for the Huffington Post UK.

So a few questions for Nitya:

What has been one of your most unforgettable kindness memories?

“I grew up in India and spent some of my holidays with grandparents. They lived in Madurai at the time. To get to my grandparents‘ house you had to travel on a mud road lined with street lights on one side. One day my grandfather noticed a little boy studying underneath the street lights. My grandfather asked him why he wasn’t inside his own house. The boy replied, he didn’t have electricity. As the conversation went on my grandad realised the boy didn’t look too well either. So he took him to hospital and after a few days test results showed he had an iron deficiency problem. From that day my grandparents took the little boy in, gave him three meals a day and paid for all his school fees. Now, he’s a full-time electrician with a family of his own. That story to me, is an unforgettable one”

In your view, is kindness linked to a growth mindset?

“Yes, I think being kind takes very little but it can make such a huge impact”

Is it possible to apply kindness in your work life vs your private life?

“There are no boundaries to kindness. Like I said before it takes very little to be kind. In our personal lives, I think sometimes we can take those who are closest to us for granted and almost overlook the need to be kind because we know them so well but often they need those small acts of kindness, we may show to a stranger, just as much as the next person. When it comes to work it’s just as vital to be a kind person. It doesn’t take much observation to notice if someone is having an off day or to recognise someone else’s achievement, no matter how small they might be, and show support”

What does better eating mean to you and what is your favourite healthy dish?

“I’ve actually just discovered a very easy recipe for a chickpea salad and I have it with polenta, which I love.  Better eating means making sure that you’re healthy but also that you’re enjoying your food. Everyone is different, for me balance is key. I’m not somebody that can just cut out sugar completely or go on a diet for six months. I like good food and sometimes that means eating a meal that might be unhealthy but then making sure that I balance it out with fruit and veg”


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