PODCAST: Life Changing tea!


Hi Everyone,

This is Charlotte Lazarus and welcome to my first podcast. In today’s kick off podcast, I will be sharing a couple of reasons why we need to drink Rooibos tea.

I actually started seriously drinking Rooibos tea a few months ago. I love it and I love what it does for my health. To that point – here are a few more reasons why Rooibos tea is amazing and why you should give it a go.

  1. It combats stress
  2. It addresses weight loss
  3. Its good for our heart health
  4. It is full of antioxidants

Also, it keeps people in jobs in South Africa as Rooibos tea is grown and harvested there.

South Africa is also facing a severe Covid crisis as well as a severe unemployment crisis.

So every purchase helps.

Not sure which Rooibos brands to check out – here are 2 suggestions:

Tick Tock ( I have personally tried Tick Tock in the UK. Great taste) – Tick Tock delivers to these following places

Bos (I recently discovered this beautiful Rooibos brand so I am looking forward to trying their products out soon).

So yeah – thanks for listening and please  do share your experiences you have had drinking Rooibos.

Also I would love to know whether you would recommend Rooibos to friends for its health benefits?

Take care of yourselves and others – and have a wonderful week.


Picture Credit: Free Stocks Org



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