Ending the year with Hope


An extinct tree, a Judean date palm tree was birthed to life by the determination and hope of two scientists. One scientist specialised in medicine and the other scientist specialised in agriculture. Two different specialities yet interconnected for a common purpose:

“somehow we met in the middle to save nature”

The idea of bringing this tree to life seemed crazy in the early days of the project. But through persistence and working with others – eventually- the seeds grew into a tree producing nice batches of dates. Something that seemed very impossible at one point.

Source: Judean Palm Tree brought back to life – BBC Science


How very little can be done with a spirit of fear” – Florence Nightingale


What will you push forward on without fear in 2022?

One life – live it kinder to yourself and others

Charlotte x

Photo by Galina Yarovaya. from Pexels

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