Time is Temporary – Love and Prepare

I read a post by a friend… about time being temporary so we should make the most of it…

The temporary…

You are settled in your home country. Due to various circumstances/opportunities, you may need to move countries for work and your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse might not want to move. Some people end up separating. Others decide to travel back and forth often to spend time with each other. Overall, the abundance of quality time together shifts…

You may have worked with an incredible boss or colleague, but now it’s time for them to fly off to their new journey.

You may have an elderly parent who was once very optimistic and full of energy. All of sudden he/she retires and/or loses a child and everything down spirals from there. They become depressed and sickly.  Their abundance of joy and optimism shifts

So when we are faced with temporary moments including saddened moments, which happen suddenly and sometimes over a period of time, but which feels like a blink of an eye – 10 years have just flown by – we were caught off guard.

These changes or shifts can indeed be challenging. It is said that the best way to live in the moment and for eternity is to cherish deep social connection – I’ve heard a psychologist say – ” we are wired for love”  so be love and give love, which lives inside all of us. Sometimes it’s easy to find that love.  Sometimes we need to search a bit deeper to draw out that love. Movement is also powerful – exercise especially done in social settings according to research proves to boost one’s health and joy. Tied to love is preparation. Preparing well for the future related to also eating well to take care of our mind and bodies as well as learning new skills and being curious…

In essence – though our circumstances may change, we can take steps to prepare our brains, minds, and hearts for newer maybe different yet more extraordinary moments.

Time is temporary, may we connect and love much for the now and the future. This is Kindness

time is temporary prepare.jpeg


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