Kindness People: Parul Patel

Parul is another live example of what it means to forge through adversity and come through it with her kindness still intact. Of Indian origin, Parul grew up in the UK. Wales is where she calls home now.

Prior to moving back to Wales – Parul lived in London. She returned to Wales a few years ago to live with and take care of her ill mum, who passed away some time after. During that tough time, I remember Parul recalling how she loved being in Wales as she was surrounded by beautiful nature.

On the work side, Parul carries impressive work experience having advised some of the world’s most influential and innovative brands like Nike, Speedo, Uniqlo, Ellesse and Bird & Bird. To find out more about Parul’s new projects – you can find her on linkedin.

Below are some kindness insights from the kind, straight talking and determined Parul:

In your view – what is kindness essentially about ?

“For me, kindness is about who we choose to be moment to moment so that the people (including self), creatures, places, plants etc we interact with are left enriched/encouraged/appreciated/valued/respected because of that interaction.And the first step is to truly “see” people etc and really connect with them so you can perceive what is needed (if anything).  Without that awareness, we can’t be kind”

How is kindness linked to what we eat and how we choose to think about our self and others in your view?

“I really ENJOY food, and it means 2 things for me:  (i) fuel/nutrition, and (ii) joy.  🙂

So being kind to myself includes giving myself both in a balanced way.  It’s too easy to label food as “good” and “bad” based on carb count, or calories, or protein content or fat content etc, and if you do that with food, perhaps we are also doing that with people (self included) and other choices?  So I try to consciously take time to balance my perception by not judging “good” vs “bad”, but seeing things for what they are and their impact. So, when I shovel a packet of crisps because I’m stressed or rushed, then it’s usually an indicator, NOT that I shouldn’t have eaten the crisps, but that I need to change the thing that caused me to be stressed or in a rush in the first place, AND not beat myself up about the crisps”

What is the kindest thing you have personally experienced recently? 

“I have really appreciated the openness of  people on Linkedin who have taken the time to speak and meet virtually.  The other huge demonstration of kindness is from the people who have appeared in my life to help me launch a new project  and who have given their time, encouragement and many times, hard skills and expertise to help me along my journey – people who I’ve know for years and people who are entirely new to my life.  I’ve been blown away with their kindness and support, especially at a time when everyone has their own stresses to manage”

How do you apply kindness in your work life vs your private life?

“It’s a very much a work in progress for me in both areas, but the how is the same.  Listening.  I try to connect with people and really hear them so I can respond in a way that is edifying to them”




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