Find Wellness: 1 way to enjoy Broccoli in the mornings

There are many ways to enjoy eggs for breakfast. However, for some – having eggs in the mornings mean spending more time in the kitchen and thereby grabbing something unhealthy instead. I have done that… Fortunately, this time, with a bit of food prep and having the right ingredients beautifully placed in the fridge – I managed to make this:

Here is the rustic recipe for reference:

  • A bit of red onion
  • A pinch of turmeric, pepper and salt
  • A bit of broccoli pieces
  • 1 egg ( I scrambled it into the pan once the onion, spices and broccoli were softened and became slightly brown in colour). If you don’t like eggs then swap it with tofu.
  • 1 bagel ( toast it)
  • A few cucumber slices
  • A bit of mayo and ketchup for extra taste ( add this to the bagel first and then add the egg with broccoli)


To speed up this breakfast bagelĀ  process in the mornings – try to stir fry a good portion of chopped broccoli pieces and some finely chopped red onion for 2-3 days. Then toss a bit over the scrambled egg for 1-2 mins in the mornings.

Whilst the egg is cooking – toast the bagel and then cut a few slices of cucumber… also have your mayo and ketchup ready as well. an open sandwich.

One life, live it kinder and intentionally.

Charlotte xx

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