Gratitude: a new life is born

Recently, I gave birth to a little baby boy called Joshua.

The days have become blurry and beautiful as I nourish and care for a little human being.

This is what the last few weeks have taught/are teaching me:

– Being a parent takes daily choices to love and show affection even when sleep deprived. Small, but daily acts of love towards a baby will strengthen their wellbeing. A wonderful thing to build daily.

– It is okay to ask for help from e.g family or friends. Asking them to make one a cup of tea to keeping an eye on baby whilst one gets something to eat. Asking for support is a strength when tied to gratitude and love.

– Time management just became very real. Making the most of peaceful moments to rest, pray, eat nutritious food, , inhale, exhale and get some things done.

As I shed my old ways – I welcome new seasons of transformation now as a mother and woman.

One life – live it kinder

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