Water is wealth

” Something in the waves of change we find our direction”

Whilst shelves are being emptied in super markets. Also many people are being asked to work from home to curb the spread of the virus , let us remember the times God re-directed our paths for the better.  What looked like a big wave or storm – was actually a blessing in disguise. Comfort does not define us by difficult times do.

In the midst of current change –  why not go swimming on a Saturday whilst the pools are still open. The benefits of swimming at the moment is that there are less people at the pool, especially on a early Saturday morning.

Swimming has an amazing way of relieving the body of tension or stress. It gives back calm.

Tips to get organised before choosing to go swim on a Saturday morning:

  1. Get your swim wear ready the night before
  2. Pack your swim bag with a towel, a plastic bag for wet clothes and some toiletries
  3. Pack your wallet.
  4. Leave your phone at home if you can.
  5. Envision how amazing you will feel in the water and after the swim to prep your mind for the swim.
  6. Enjoy

Swimming usually makes me hungry. If you are the same. Make sure you have some healthy and yummy food at home for when you get home after the swim. I had some spicy fried eggs on toast…

If swimming is not your preference – but you love water – make the choice to wake up early and go for a lovely walk by a river with a friend or walk by the beach if you live near a beach.


Photo Of Sailboat On Sea During Daytime
Picture Credit: Andrew Neel



One life – live it kinder

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