Lasting Joy…

” Those who have a “why” to live can bear with almost any how” – Victor Frankel.

Being optimistic and adaptable in the face of a crisis, is good for a while, but if we do not  have a WHY- a true north or a purpose for this life – then living in current times is going to become increasingly hard even for the self proclaimed optimist. Happiness is limited unless we find our WHY.

Below is an idea to understand your why and in the process find joy:

  • Understand/reflect on what gives you energy, what comes easy to you – what you love to do? Being creative through cooking, painting, singing, learning, gardening or living healthily. Praying or meditating, which makes you a better person. Then do more of these things – which could become your WHY- the reason for living, going on – your purpose.

Now is the time to refine or define your WHY and put a strategy = steps in place to live out your WHY.

Ultimately, when we couple our WHY with being kind to others as well… over time, these actions begin to illuminate in our own lives.

One life – live it kinder x

Cooked Food On Black Ceramic Plates
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