Lettuce health

Sometimes one thinks that salads must contain a varied array of veg to be considered a salad – just having plain lettuce is boring.  Having said this -the more colorful, particularly green veg we consume the better we feel.

However, not having zero veg is not good either as lack of veg in our diets robs us from essential nutrients however minor the quantity.

Having a fixed mindset regarding lettuce prevented me from enjoying the fresh lettuce in my fridge, which I eventually ended up throwing away, because essential salad ingredients like tomato and cucumber were missing in action.

Once shifting my mindset to having at least 1% of veg everyday – the lettuce suddenly looked very appealing.

Here is my simple lettuce recipe.

  • chop up some lettuce
  • put into a bowl
  • Add some salt and pepper
  • Add a bit of lemon juice for some zest
  • Add a bit of rapeseed oil
  • mix well with hands
  • Enjoy!


Would you eat lettuce on its own? I would love to know.

Stay kind to yourself and others.

Charlotte x


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